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Fair VII

And here’s another poem. This one’s called Fair VII.

I. Fair
the metal cups aligned against one another
both connected on a ledge
up and down they tilt
finally they stop
the scales of justice
II. Fair
could be compared to a summers day
if i thought i was a poet
could have a dazzling portrait
if i thought i was a painter
could have a novel
if i thought i was a writer
could have diamonds
if i thought i was rich
III. Fair
the wheel spins
the circle turns
the flying machines rush through the sky
the coaster dips up and down
the house bounces gelatinously in the wind
I. Fair
figures of fairness
reside at the front of the room
calmly presiding
calmly in power
in their well-oiled metal minds we hear a tick
and some can see clearly
instead of a head
the scales of the justice
II. Fair
yes you could have had this all
but i am not a poet or a painter or a writer or rich
i am none of these
and if you cant understand
i will let you go
for this fair is but on the outside
my dear
whats inside
matters more
far more
III. Fair
inside a house i creep
loud clangs i hear
i wander in
then darkness
a woosh a noise a bark a cackle
then i hear
“daddy this house isnt very fun”
IV. Fair
fair is the balance
fair is the beauty
fair is the carnival
fair is the justice
fair is the outer layer
fair is the circus
fair is rare
fair is common
fair is in between
fair is as fair does
fair is a house of darkness
fair is a scale in judgement
fair is the bestowed of favors
fair is the tangle of this braided poem
fair is a cheater
fair is a just man
fair is fair is fair

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May 10, 2009 at 9:02 PM 2 comments

The Coming of Death

Hello, everyone! This is a poem I wrote. I’m not that much of a poet, but I decided poetry might make a good post occasionally. This one’s called The Coming of Death.

a small shadow
the air seems to move
you don’t turn around
don’t move
can’t move
death comes
death comes for everyone

a dark figure with a veil and cloak
a skeleton with a scythe
a shadow
a raven
or nothing visible at all
just a feeling
we know death is here 

a mewling squeal of a baby
the slamming sound and resounding crash of a collision
a shot rings out
or maybe several shots
the small slunk of a knife in flesh
the hacking horrific gasping of choking
the sound of the last tiny breath of a sleeping man in bed
death comes for everyone 

no one knows
what happens
in death
after death
all we know
is that there is death
all we can count on
comes for everyone 


May 3, 2009 at 6:16 PM 4 comments

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