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Nessie- Diary of the Loch Ness Monster, Day 3

Some Day
Dear Rock I Write On,
No one has come by for what seems like months, and I’m beginning to wonder what happened to humanity. They’re probably still out there, but I haven’t seen any of them for ages. For all their faults, they aren’t that bad. I mean, sure if they found me they’d eat me or dissect me, but that’s just in their nature. At least they make me feel wanted. It’s not as though I’ve got a family. I’ve been in this dirty lake for over four thousand years now. Rocks and plankton and seaweed and dirt and fish and me. I’ve decided I’m going to go find the humans. Wherever they are. It’s out of the lake and onto the land for Nessie, Rock! Oh, and, in the event I don’t return, I leave my possessions, (i.e. the lake) to you. I’m out of here!
Oh, dear. I seem not to possess the necessary limbs to get out of here. The flippers are fine for swimming, but I’m big, and they’re too small for me to foist myself out of here on. So I guess I’m stuck in this dirty lake for a while longer. I hope someone comes.
Until then,


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Nessie- Diary of the Loch Ness Monster, Day II

June 4, 2009
Dear Rock I Write On,
Hello again. Today was on moderately more interesting than yesterday. One person walked by. ONE! Oh, I spat on you. Sorry, Rock, but I was annoyed. Anyway, we’re underwater. It’s no big deal. Where was I? My decreasing fame, that’s what I was talking about! No one ever wants to see me. It’s those “scientists” fault. I was telling you about them yesterday, wasn’t I? Let me check … I was … I should eat some of them! That would get me some attention, wouldn’t it? No one would deny my existence anymore. They’d all have to listen to me. And I haven’t had a good meal for ages. Only fish. And fish are boring. Just like my life. (That is to say, my life is boring. Not that my life is a fish.) Maybe I’ll go eat those scientists.
One of these years…

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Nessie- Diary of the Loch Ness Monster, Day 1

June 3, 2009
Dear Rock I Write On,
Hello. Today was boring. Nothing happened, as usual. NOBODY was at the Loch. Why doesn’t anyone visit me anymore? I’m as intriguing as ever… I blame science, Rock. No one believes in me anymore. I don’t know much about this science thing, as most of the people who come here don’t mention it, but once these people came who were called “scientists.” They were always talking about “the power of science,” and how they were going to use it to discover “what, if anything, lives in the dread depths of this lake.” Well, I just hid under a rock for a few years and when I came out they were gone! I wrote about this once, at least I think I did. But it wasn’t to you. I think it was to one of the other Rocks I Wrote On. I’ve had many. Anyway, not much happened today.
Until Tomorrow,

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